My grandmother recently died. I don’t tell you this for sympathy, she was very old and ill and is in a much better place now. My mother told me she would be speaking at her funeral and told me I was welcome to also. My first reaction was fear setting in, oh man, that’s a lot of people, can I get up in front of that many people and clearly speak to them, and then the embarrassment from my aunt’s funeral came back in my mind. I got up in front of my family and my aunt’s colleagues (she was a very well know lawyer) and told a story about bunnies and snakes. It was terrible, I had thought for days about what to say and could not decide. I got up there and this story she told me about her old boyfriend popped into my mind and I told it, only later did it sink in that I told a story about her wanting to be a snake so she could kill her boyfriend who wanted to be bunny because they populate the earth. Well I’m going to blame that on pregnancy brain. Needless to say, that moment has haunted me. I feel it’s important for me to step up and speak at people’s funerals as a last farewell to them so they can look down on me from heaven and know I love and miss them. However, I was not going to go up there and embarrass myself again. This time I sat down and thought of lots of memories and wrote up what I wanted to say before the funeral. I wanted to share it with you also, so please enjoy the ode to my grandma:


To live 81 years is a long full life. I only knew grandma for a short 26 of those 80 plus years. When I think back, I can always remember how kind and interested she was. She always wanted to know how we were and how others were, the nick names of our kids, what we were up to and in return she always updated us on distant relatives. One thing she always wanted was to know everyone’s birthday even as she got older and the grandkids turned into great and great-great grandkids and she was good at remembering to give gifts to everyone. I know I’m not the only one with drawers and cupboards full of Avon from her. I remember once I spent the night with her at her old house, I played a little hand held pin ball game all night and the next morning she gave me a bracelet for no other reason than I was there with her and it felt so special to me. I am very sad at this loss to our family but I hope it can remind me that other’s birthdays are special things to remember, small acts, like giving a bracelet to a young girl can leave lasting memories and having a gallery wall of family photos in your hallway is always a good decision.


It was hard getting up there but, as I have said before, I want to look for more ways to step out of my comfort zone and this was a perfect way to do that for myself while honoring my grandmother.


On a brighter note: We have some awesome Youtube videos over on our channel you should go check out, also I post almost daily on my Instagram with a wide variety of fun things so head over there and give me a follow too. Just search anytimeharrison


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