The start of Anytime Harrison

Almost eight years ago I graduated high school from a small town and as cliché as it sounds I was ready to leave the place behind. I packed up most my possessions in my rusted Oldsmobile and hit the road. I started at Boise State University the fall after I graduated. I’m still not sure why I chose to pack up everything and move two hours away but I took the chance. In my first semester I took a bunch of core credits including Communications 101. The class that would slate my future. Not because I learned a bunch, but because there was this boy. This boy that I was so intrigued by, I even came to class early so I could steal someone else’s seat so I could sit closer to him. He magically kept popping up too, waiting after class to ask how my test went, just randomly at the bottom of the stairs reading a paper, and he started coming to class early too. After several dates, trips back home, moving in together, failing out of college and getting engaged I was desperate to move back home and start a family with this man. We got married two years to the day of our first date and within the month we were pregnant with our first little bundle of joy. A little over two years later we were having our second. Fast forward a very short year later and we had our third.

Within these few short years I fell so hard in love with my family and every aspect of them. Most my thoughts went to the four of them and how to make our lives better that I completely forgot who I was. I was living for my family and never took anytime for myself. I knew I was doing this and several times tried out things to help me feel like I was accomplishing more than just dishes and diapers but always failed at it. Until this last summer.

I signed up to run a half marathon. I knew it would be a hard thing to accomplish but I promised myself I would do anything I could for 16 weeks to accomplish this goal. It set a fire in me I didn’t know existed, I stuck to something hard for 16 weeks and I was so happy and proud of myself. I did it every day for sixteen weeks and I didn’t just get a shirt and medal for finishing a half marathon. I proved to myself that I was capable of accomplishing hard things and I now know what it feels like to do something for myself and really be happy. With that said I am determined to give my new project (Anytime Harrison) at least six months of my time. Six months to really accomplish something. I want to learn video editing software and improve my writing skills while sharing my life. So please stick around, read a post, watch a video and if you like something share it with a friend. I’m hoping to post one video and one post to my website each week and may have more fun stuff in the future.

Be on the look for our latest video coming out later this week: Our Top 5 Favorite Movies of 2016. It’s our first video and sure to be embarrassing, but you have to start some where.



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